"They are working great! We have a courtyard in front of our restaurant that is quite popular. We use the guards specifically on the outside tables. It safeguards the silverware from dust, flies and believe it or not birds sometimes land on the tables too. The customers are impressed as well."

Tom Winters, Adobe Rose Restaurant, Artesia, New Mexico

"We use the Silverware Guards out on our deck. They protect the silverware and the napkins from the elements, we have our logo on them, and customers appreciate our efforts to protect the silverware. Plus my staff doesn't have to stay late and make silverware roll-ups. Smart Drink Chips are a great way for me to reward my customers and we use them as a valuable tool to solve minor problems or complaints. They come in very handy. Smart Restaurant Connect makes it very easy to keep my daily specials current and online. With the Beer Kubes, I haven't run out of frosted glasses since. I am very glad to have discovered Smart Restaurant Products. If you are in the restaurant business, I highly recommend that you try these products."

Kaitlin Baker-Hewes, The Mystic Boathouse, Mystic, Conneticut

“ These were the easiest tools to sell to the staff I have brought in for a long time. They work and save time”

Glenn Miller, Miller's Field, Pacific Beach, California

"When Dave first showed me the guards, I was very hesitant. Thought it was an interesting idea but just not for my place. He asked me to try them for 30 days. What did I have to loose. It only took a couple of days for us to see what a great idea they are. Our customers love them and it sure is nice not to roll silverware anymore."

Wendy Carr, Amigos Taqueria, Westerly, Rhode Island

"The first reason I thought of using the Silverware Guards was for the Marketing angle. The old style Lucite stand on the end of the table has run it's course. The silverware guard is something no one has ever seen before, and the first thing a customer does when they are seated is pick it up, study it, and then read all the promotional messages listed on it. It tells them about our Catering Services, our Banquet Room, and our Loyalty Program. We even installed QR codes, so they can immediately view this information on our website while still at the table. The bonus is not rolling up the silverware at the end of the night!"

Dave Ursini, Naples Rib Company, Long Beach, California

"Rhode Island does't require rollups or covering of silverware. We have 100+ seats and like to preset. The silverwareguard was a great solution for us. It makes the tables look interesting and our customers love it."

Charlotte Melia, Pizza Place, Westerly, Rhode Island