Silverware Guard

How Do I Clean Them?

The guards are made of ABS so they can simply be run through your dishwasher, or hand wiped with a cleaner.

What Size Knife Will The Guard Fit?

The current design will fit up to a 9 Inch knife. There are plans for the future to produce a different size guard to fit larger knives.

How do I know if I should use the narrow Guard vs. the larger Guard?

The Guard comes in two sizes. the large size was made to cover the complete napkin, knife and fork, while the narrow guard just fits the knife and fork, the narrow guard is typically used with restaurants that use a table cloth or place mat.

How Do I Design My Guards?

We have a professional artist on staff to help you customize your Silverware Guards. You can send us your logo and we can send you back a sample!

Can I have a liquor or beer company pay for my Guards?

Yes, but that is between you and your local supplier. We have had many cases where the Guards have been paid for by their local supplier in return for having their logo on the Guard.

Have the Guards been approved by the Health Department?

Yes. The Guards are Health Code Compliant.

What are the Guards made out of?

The Guards are made out of injection molded ABS.

Do I have to use the guards all the time?

No, the guards are meant to be used when you first set up and when you know that the table will be sitting for a while with unprotected silverware. Once you get on a wait you can then just set your tables with a folded napkin, knife and fork. We do have some restaurants that use the guard all the time, especially for outside dining.

You mentioned adding advertisement to the Guard and using it as a Revenue Stream How does that work?

If designed this way, the bottom area of the guard can be used by yourself or an advertiser to promote a special. For example, you can print out a label of a special wine that you might be selling and attach it to the Guard. You can also print out a label from a local company for a special that they would like to have. You would then charge the company for the label space.

Contact us for what labels that we know will work for the Guard.